Mac with Apple Silicon: possible presentation date

by Kelvin
Mac with Apple Silicon: possible presentation date

Possible Mac announcement date Apple Silicon

When Apple announced plans to integrate its own processors into the Mac, but did not give an exact date for the presentation. They limited themselves only to the message that they will be announced at the end of the year, leaving the month completely open. Now Mark Gurman, through a note in Bloomberg, was able to give an approximate date for this presentation. Specifically, the short phrase in which this link is made states that November will be the presentation month for new Macs that will include processors Apple Silicon.

Mac with apple silicon

It is important to note that Mark Gurman clarifies that this will be announced. This is very different from the fact that they are being marketed, so the question remains open in this regard. That’s why a hypothetical event in November will provide all the details about this new processor, plus first-hand information on which computers will be the first to receive this new processor. At the moment it is known that the production of processors Apple Silicon may come out in the fourth quarter of the year. The first team to turn on this processor will be a 12-inch MacBook with battery life that can exceed 15 hours thanks to its efficiency.


Possible lanzamiento MacBook 12 pulgadas ARM

If this calendar comes true, perhaps in December or early 2021 we will see this new team on the market. Things can also depend on the speed of developers allowing all major applications to adapt to this new processor, which is something completely new. They are currently in 2020. Mac mini with this new configuration so they can work with better tools.

Go to Apple Silicon will be slow

Even if a new Mac is introduced in November, it doesn’t mean the transition is complete. We’re facing a process that’s going to be pretty slow, so Intel will be heavily on the Mac in the coming years. We must take into account the complexity that this transition can have, which cannot be accomplished in a few months since the first announcement a few months ago. After all, you are trying to gain more control over the processors.

Mac with Apple Silicon: possible presentation date 2

Currently Apple relies on Intel’s calendar to be able to release new hardware and this can be a problem for users who don’t have better hardware. This will now change completely as Apple will have complete control over the processors, the soul of any computer, which will integrate more efficiently with the rest of the hardware and software. As a result, in addition to better hardware upgrades, you will also have a more efficient computer with longer battery life.