MacBook Pro Can Win Keyboard With True Tone Technology

by Kelvin
MacBook Pro Can Win Keyboard With True Tone Technology

This Tuesday (07), the US Patent and Trademark Office published a patent for Apple which was named “Electronic devices with backlit keyboards with adjustable white dots”. This description is related to True Tone technology, which was first introduced in the 9.7” iPad Pro screen.

True Tone is a color temperature maintenance system that serves to maintain the relative representation of colors displayed on a screen when the user changes environments. The feature works in conjunction with a sensor, which captures and monitors ambient light, automatically changing the display to match any changes, and maintaining image consistency to the viewer.

The feature is extremely important for video and image editing professionals, who need the colors on the screen to be represented as faithfully as possible.


See how True Tone technology works:

According to the patent, the Apple would be interested in offering True Tone technology on the keyboard of upcoming MacBooks Pros. It would be an interesting and well worth approach, since an ordinary backlit keyboard could interfere with the user’s vision, causing their perception of colors on the screen to be altered.

A keyboard with True Tone could remain illuminated, but adjusting the color temperature according to the ambient light, and even according to the light that is emitted by the device’s screen.

It is worth remembering that patent registration does not imply the launch of the product itself.