macOS Catalina beta 6 for developers: news

by Kelvin
macOS Catalina beta 6 for developers: news 1

macOS Catalina is a project that has Apple right now under magnifying glass because of the poor performance it is having at this point. We had been since July 31 without seeing any kind of beta of macOS Catalina, but today they finally wanted to return to the load with a new beta that we hope will be much more optimized to solve all the bugs we have seen in the previous betas.

Apple don't forget macOS Catalina and launch a new beta

We all missed each other because when a new beta of iOS 13, iPadOS or watchOS came out, nothing of Catalina could be seen and in the end they launched the corresponding beta days later. Now they have decided to completely separate the betas program from macOS Catalina with that of the other operating systems due to the problems reported. This is certainly an indication that Apple is planning to delay the launch of macOS Catalina surely until November or October in a hypothetical presentation event of the new Mac.



I already complained about the huge failures of macOS Catalina beta, which although obviously we are in a trial version at this point you have to See some stability as in iOS 13 and iPadOS. We are already installing this beta in our equipment to be able to assess firsthand if they have finished solving these failures.


macOS Catalina may not arrive with iOS 13 or iPadOS for these reasons

What we do not understand is because these performance problems occur. We could have understood if this update had marked a before and after and we saw numerous visual improvements but the truth is very different. In macOS Catalina we have hardly any notable news beyond the new native applications that fragment the concept we had of iTunes.

We can get to recommend the installation of the betas of iOS 13 or iPadOS, but without a doubt the macOS Catalina beta is still very green to be able to recommend and install it on the Mac. For now we must wait and hope that this beta solves all performance issues and end up optimizing resources in a more efficient way.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this new beta.

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