Made x James Charles for Valentine's Day?

by Kelvin

In the unlikely turn of events, Turner "Tfue" Tenney will celebrate Valentine's Day together … James Charles?

Where do I begin? From above I think


Everyone has heard of Tfue right now… Ex Clan Faze? Qualification for the World Cup? How to: the biggest streamer in Twitch? If that man

… And at this point, James Charles is the name that rings the bell in everyone's mind. This billionaire makeup master has tons of fans looking for autographs or photos wherever he goes. It goes without saying that these two influencers really dominate their respective categories.

Just yesterday, two worlds collided when Tfue took a photo and asked James Charles to be his Valentine.

I ????

– Tfue (@TTfue) February 14, 2020

For that, and to our surprise, Charles agreed and asked "where should our date be?" At this point, you might think this is some kind of funny pranks that really won't go anywhere. All NORMALS will think like this. Well… I guess Tfue is a DM teacher, because just an hour ago he posted a follow-up Twitter

it doesn't hurt to shoot your shot

– Tfue (@TTfue) February 16, 2020

"It doesn't hurt to fire your shots," Tfue said as they drove Jet Ski into the sunset. "They" refer to Tfue and the man himself, James Charles. Based on KeemstarCharles flew to Tampa to meet Tfue just in time for his "Valentine's date." And let me be the first to say: a literal PURPOSE

The internet is having a picnic with this one. Cuds, designer and publisher of Tfue, exchanged the faces of a new couple who read "pay squats"

The squat pays

– FaZe Cuds (@CodsDesigns) February 16, 2020

In addition to memes, the comments section contains a series of spam "W"

Faze Ewok, the youngest professional player, demanded that a vlog be provided

I'm pretty sure Tfue isn't actually gay, but it's still a fun prank that also shows his advocacy for the LGBTQ + community. In a world where so many people do not accept homosexuality and people as they are, it is always refreshing to see the main influencers continue to normalize and accept each other

No you are the original for this


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