Magenta Gaming: Telekom attacks Google Stadia with its own cloud gaming service

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Magenta Gaming: Telekom attacks Google Stadia with its own cloud gaming service

Telekom also wants to get rid of the cloud gaming cake and will launch its own cloud gaming service next year. Currently, it shows the service, which is similar to Google Stadia, at the games fair gamescom in Cologne and starts the beta operation. Interested parties can already register for it.

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With Magenta Gaming, Deutsche Telekom also launches its own streaming service for games | (c) Telecom


(c) Telecom

With Magenta Gaming now wants the Deutsche Telekom establish its own cloud gaming service. The official launch is scheduled for 2020. However, the beta phase already starts next Saturday, the 24th of August. On this day, Telekom is showing the product named "Magenta Gaming" for the first time – in hall 11.3 at gamescom in Cologne. Interested parties can try out the service on different end devices there.

Gaming on every hardware and platform

Magenta Gaming makes it possible to play video games independent of hardware and platform. The computing power comes not from your own PC or the console, but from the cloud. This means that the games do not run on their local PC, but are streamed to the respective device. As a result, even graphically demanding games will work on weaker hardware. In addition to older PCs, these include smartphones, tablets and even the big screens of smart TVs. The user needs an app or at a later time only a browser. From the app he can access an extensive games library. More than 100 games are available for free at the start of the beta phase. Among them are current and high-class titles. An integration of MagentaGaming into MagentaTV is also planned.

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Low latencies thanks to strong network

Magenta Gaming is working Windows PCs (Windows 7, 8 and 10), Mac (MacOS X) and Android devices. Support for iOS and Xbox is currently not available, but planned for later releases. Depending on the game, you can connect a commercially available controller via Bluetooth, WLAN or USB. The games are controlled alternatively with mouse, keyboard and screen overlay. Otherwise no additional hardware is necessary.

Deutsche Telekom uses a decentralized server network for Magenta Gaming. The latency periods usually remain below 50 milliseconds. During the beta phase, the games are streamed in full HD with 60 FPS in stereo. At the later launch, a 4K resolution and 5.1 surround sound are planned. Some games can be played not only in WiFi, but later in the beta phase in the LTE network. Thanks to 5G, the complete games library will also be available on the go in the future.

From August 24, interested people can sign up for the beta of Magenta Gaming. | (c) Telecom

Participation in the beta

At the show it is possible for telecom customers to register as one of the first beta testers. From the 24th of August the registration is also online at possible. However, you should hurry, because the number of beta testers is limited. You must be of legal age and have a bandwidth of at least 50 Mbps. This bandwidth guarantees the optimal gaming experience. During the free beta phase for the testers, the product is constantly being improved. By 2020, the service will then be available to all gaming enthusiasts.

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