main news regarding USB 3.2

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El USB 4 es oficial: principales novedades respecto al USB 3.2

You may be an Android lover and don't know the connection protocols well, from USB or of Bluetooth. No wonder, knowing all the protocols and their characteristics is complicated. Today we have interesting news when we talk about USB connections. It has been officially presented USB 4, a new standard that improves in almost all aspects regarding USB 3.2. The good news also comes with bad news, because USB 3.2 is not a standard that we can classify as popular today. Very few manufacturers bet on it and in today's phones there is hardly any place.

A new standard not only needs support from companies, manufacturers must also manufacture accessories on duty. To give you an idea, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is not yet compatible with the USB 3.2 protocol. Probably support for this version arrives with the next Qualcomm star processor.


USB 4 will allow up to 100W fast charging

One of the most interesting things about this new protocol is its new support for fast charging up to 100W. Currently the most powerful fast charge ranges between 40 and 50W, but this figure is expected to increase considerably next year. Brands like Oppo or Redmi they have technologies for fast charging to reach 100W in 2020 or 2021.

This means that USB 4 must be present in the cables they use, in the ports and also in the processors. USB 4 expansion looming slowly, because such high speeds will only be adopted, in the near future, by some companies.

USB 3.2 is an exceptional protocol, but unfortunately we still do not see it on current devices. The jump to USB 4 will be slow and it may take several years to standardize.

File transfer up to 40 Gbps

main news regarding USB 3.2 2

A USB cable is not only used to pass current from a transformer to a device. It is also possible to transfer files and all kinds of content. With a cable you can transmit everything that appears on your mobile to your TV. USB 4 releases support for speeds up to 40 Gbps. It is a very high figure that doubles the current one of 20 Gbps that we have in USB 3.2.

It is the same speed currently supported by Thunderbolt 3, so they will be compatible and will be two protocols that will "get along".

These are the two most outstanding features of the new USB 4. It will not be in 2019, nor in early 2020 when we begin to see devices with this protocol. The expansion of this protocol will be somewhat longer almost certainly.

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