Majin Boo and Katsuki Bakugo arrive at Jump Force on August 27

by Kelvin
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Bandai Namco has published the trailer of the pack of characters number two of his season pass, this includes Katsuki Bakugo of My Hero Academia and Majin Boo of Dragon Ball Z in his chubby and good version. Both fighters will arrive at the Bandai fighting and adventure game on August 23 for those who have bought the battle pass and on August 27 for all who decide to buy them individually.

In this way Bandai once again takes advantage of the popularity of My Hero Academia, the shonen of the moment, and Dragon Ball, the usual shonen, to create hype around their fighters that arrive through DLC. They have also taken the opportunity to update the client of the game and allow the mechanics of "revenge", something that had been asking for some time.


Majin Boo and Katsuki Bakugo arrive at Jump Force on August 27 1

Critically Struck

Unlike the other recent manga and anime games, Jump Force did not finish for the critics, these games have in their favor that has very dear characters around the world and therefore sell enough to recover production costs . However, its mechanics do not become good enough to be a good game in itself and not just a good game with manga and anime characters.

Unite to fight and then fight again! The JUMP FORCE rematch button is on its way today. Players will soon be able to rematch after a battle.

Note: Each platform and region may update at different times. Thank you for your patience as we release this feature!

– Bandai Namco US (@BandaiNamcoUS) August 22, 2019

The criticism was tough with Jump Force and maybe that's why we only see new DLCs of the most popular anime and little else. In any case, Katsuki arrives with his most adult version in which he already knows his powers and his attire changes. For its part, Majin Boo arrives in its good version, it is the first one we see in the anime and the one that can finally live with Goku and his friends after purging his evil.

In the trailer that we leave below we can see them showing their movement. For its part, the video shown through the official account of Twitter from Bandai, he informs us that now we can fight again against the last person we play in online mode, as long as he is accessing a rematch, of course.

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