Mallper, an excellent solution to see and charge the mobile in the car

by Kelvin

Technology is advancing at high speed, but the solutions that allow having the mobile in the car without endangering the driver and its occupants, do not go so fast.

What they present in Mallper attracts attention: a support that can be adjusted and that charges the mobile without wires.


The idea is to have an owl that obtains the energy of the car, an owl that will hold the mobile charging it without the need for cables in between (the only cable is the one that connects to the owl in question). It has an automatic grip system, and we can take it out of the Mallper by simply pressing on one of the owl's legs, as its presentation video shows.

The solution was born in kickstarter seeking funding, although they managed to get the tripe of what they asked for in a few hours after submitting it. He still has several days of campaign, so the solution will be a reality and will reach the market.

This auto-clamp car holder thus offers a high-speed wireless charging of up to 15 watts while driving, being fixed with a suction cup or clamps on the vent. The stand also has a hinge and a rotating ball that allows the rotation and extension of the phone at a comfortable viewing angle in vertical or horizontal mode.

Mallper will offer versions at 5W, 7.5W, 10W and up to 15W, which is 30% faster than others. Logically this will work if we have a Samsung Galaxy S9 Series, Huawei Mate 20 Pro or other smartphones enabled for fast charging.

Its price will be about 30 euros, and they will start shipping from December of this year.

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