Man Loses 140 Pounds Playing Pokemon Go

by Kelvin
Man Loses 140 Pounds Playing Pokemon Go

When Pokemon Go was first released, one of the (perhaps) unintended side effects of the game is that it forces the player to walk a lot and therefore allows the player to practice more than usual. Now it looks like we have a success story in which a student claimed to have lost 140 pounds playing the game.

According to the report, Tommy Monkhouse praised the game for helping him lose 140 pounds in the year since he started playing. He claimed to have been a Pokemon fan since he was young, and decided to pick up Pokemon GO after a friend recommended it to him.


For those unfamiliar with how Pokemon Go works, this is basically a location-based game where players really have to walk to a certain location if they want to engage in an attack, challenge a gym, and capture Pokemon. This means that more and more enthusiastic players will walk through the area to try to catch Pokemon as much as possible and therefore practice a little at the same time.

Because this is a game, we think it makes it a lot more entertaining compared to running, jogging, or going to the gym. According to Monkhouse, he finally kept walking for 3 hours, resulting in incredible weight loss within a year.

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