Manny Pacquiao, boxing champion, launches his own cryptocurrency

by Kelvin
Manny Pacquiao, boxing champion, launches his own cryptocurrency

With a virtual hook Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao recently announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency whose name will be "Pac" and allow fans to get merchandise related to the athlete.

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The currency, actually, It will help fans to acquire merchandise from Paquiao and can interact with him, something very similar to the application of Jeremy Renner.

The "Pac" will behave like a normal cryptocurrency, that is, it provides a digitally tradable token with a floating value secured by a decentralized ledger.

Manny Pacquiao is launching his cryptocurrency with the help of GCOX Group, a Southeast Asian company that developed a new model for celebrity tokens. The boxing champion will be the first major test of this model, although Jason Derulo and English soccer star Michael Owen also plan to launch their cryptocurrencies with GCOX.

Is it the beginning of a new way of relating monetarily with celebrities?

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