Many Bouygues Telecom customers find that they are subscribed to Netflix without their knowledge

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Many Bouygues Telecom customers find that they are subscribed to Netflix without their knowledge
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The operator indicates that the connection identifiers used by its subscribers on other sites have been usurped.

Many Bouygues Telecom customers have received an email and an SMS in recent weeks indicating that they had just subscribed to a Netflix subscription via the operator, without having yet taken the step. If some believed an error (or a coup) of Bouygues Telecom, the company quickly understood that the cheated customers saw their identity being usurped.

Unsafe identifiers collected on the Internet

The first reports were reported on the forum from the operator Bouygues Telecom shortly after the start of confinement, around March 18-19, in a fairly recurrent manner. On the site, dozens of customers have testified in recent weeks to have received a confirmation of subscription to Netflix, by email and SMS, without having asked for it, of course.

On April 9, a Bouygues Telecom advisor provided a first response on the forum dedicated to subscribers: “”


Concretely therefore, and what must be borne in mind, is that the subscription is indeed fraudulent, and that the operator is not involved in it, despite having been the instrument of the annoyance.

Strengthen the security of access to websites and applications

(Too many) customers, little aware of the precautions to take to protect their accounts and personal information, have in recent years used to use the same login credentials on different sites, services or applications. In the present case, many identifiers have been usurped on the Internet, probably thanks to a password protection that is far too weak, with the aim, perhaps, of reselling them later.

Aaron Zander, IT manager at HackerOne who passed the information on to us, recalls that “”.

And the cybersecurity specialist reminds that in addition to the duty to better protect his login credentials, it is the responsibility of “” websites. For him, ” “. Captchas, limiting the number of possible attempts or detecting browsers are some of the solutions that could make it possible to avoid a certain emphasis from cybercriminals.

Bouygues Telecom, for its part, indicated to each of its customers unexpectedly subscribed to Netflix that the amounts withdrawn would be reimbursed in the form of having applied from the next invoice.

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