Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo's next big smartphone game arrives in September

by Kelvin
Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo's next big smartphone game arrives in September

Mario Kart Tour for iOS and Android arrives next September 25

In February 2018, Nintendo announced that the next great title they would launch for mobile devices would be Mario Kart Tour. A game that has already been tested as a beta in some countries and by some lucky users. Now we know the official release date.


The next September 25th Prepare your kart because it will be when you can compete in the fun kart races that Mario and other characters have been maintaining for several years. Meanwhile, what you can do is book it through this link from the App Store or the Play Store if you use Android.

The game will be free, that is, you will not have to pay anything to start playing it. But as described in the notes, there will be small integrated purchases that will be optional. Another detail is that you will need an internet connection and also require an account with Nintendo. And what we like least, although it is understandable in part, is that there could be some publicity. Of course, not by far will be the annoying and intrusive that can be seen and suffer in many free games.

For the rest, the title already looked good when it was announced but it is now confirmed. With good quality graphics and, above all, maintaining the essence of the game and Nintendo's own. Mario Kart Tou seems to be very, very funny. In addition, it retains all the attractiveness of other Mario Karts, such as the possibility of unlocking cars and drivers, objects to launch and take advantage of racing, etc.

The only thing that generates some doubt: control. The game is designed to allow to be played with just one finger. That is, acceleration, control, skidding … everything could be done with one finger. This is not a bad idea, but if you have played on any of Nintendo's consoles, controlling all driving possibilities was not easy. Therefore, let's see how Nintendo has solved it here, in the smartphone version of Mario Kart.

For now, the good news is that at the end of September you can try it for yourself and assess how the adaptation is. Super Mario Run and Dr. Mario World have not been bad adaptations, it is true that there are those who still expect something more from Nintendo and its proposals for smartphone, but you also have to understand them: they want you to discover their titles if you have not already done so and then jump to their platforms.

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