Mario Kart Tour will be released for mobile on September 25

by Kelvin
Mario Kart Tour will be released for mobile on September 25

Nintendo continues to make its way into mobile games. The next September 25 will launch Mario Kart Tour, the third game for this platform that is starred by his emblem character, Mario Bros. This new franchise game It will feature 30 characters and several scenarios.

Mario Kart Tour will be available for Android and IOS. Its download will be totally free, offering players the chance to perform microtransactions to unlock scenarios, characters and more functions that will be announced shortly.


Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Daisy, Donkey Kong and Bowser, are part of the 30 runners that are part of this race that will tour the main cities of the world. Of course, there will also be scenarios set in Super Mario World and of the classic Mario Kart (SNES, 1992). But, attention, all scenarios change every two weeks.

As for the gameplay, at the express wish of Mario's creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, You can control the characters by simply pressing on the screen to perform the necessary maneuvers to continue in the race.

Previously, Nintendo had launched for mobile Super Mario Run Y Dr Mario World Both deliver worked well for the Japanese company.

How to register to play Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

Only weeks left before Mario Kart Tour is available for smartphones. The desire to play this new installment of the Mario Kart saga grows with the passing of the days, so a registration was enabled for the automatic download of the game when it is available in official app stores.

Following the following Google Play link you can access the registry for automatic download of Mario Kart Tour. Just click on the green button that says "Pre-registration". A poster will notify you of the action you will take. You must give "Accept" for the operation to be registered.

With this step you can play this new Mario game for mobile the same day of its official launch. You will not have to schedule the event or line up to download the application.

At the moment the APK of Mario Kart Tour It is not available in external stores, such as Aptoide or APK Mirror. But nevertheless, Since last May you can find the beta version hosted on some sites. We do not advise your download It will not work and is in Japanese.

In case you try the beta version, you will get the code 806-1409, which invites you to create a Nintendo account. So you just have to wait until September 25 to play Mario Kart Tour.

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