Marvel Dimension of Heroes: movie superheroes star in an augmented reality experience – 06/09/2019

by Kelvin
Marvel Dimension of Heroes: movie superheroes star in an augmented reality experience - 06/09/2019

At the opening of the technology and consumption fair IFA 2019, which is held in Berlin between September 6 and 11, the Chinese company Lenovo introduced a new experience through smartphones for your augmented reality helmet, and that has several of the popular superheroes of Marvel As main attraction.

The Lenovo Mirage AR entertainment system is comprised of the Lenovo Mirage AR helmet, the Dual Universal Controllers and the Tracking Beacon. This combo will make it possible for the players are part of the experience Marvel Dimension of Heroes, the new augmented reality app that is available on both Android and iOS.


With the new dual Universal Controllers, players can use both hands to strike, pierce with your sword and knock down your opponents in battles, in addition to ducking and dodging enemy attacks.

The game offers a Story Mode, where players play the role of six superheroes of the game among those who can choose to combat the interdimensional forces that endanger the world.

Also available is a Survival Mode, whereby players will have to use a character – and all their powers – to defeat hordes of powerful enemies. This game option also pIt competes among the participants and scale positions in the online rankings of the game worldwide.

Third, Co-Op Mode, where each of them chooses a hero from Marvel and both fight hand in hand in the same room, while competing with each other to get the highest score. For it, Each player must have a Lenovo Mirage AR helmet, two universal controllers, a Tracking Beacon and be connected to the same WiFi network.

Source: DPA

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