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The Marvel Strongest Hero is just three months away from joining for his biggest alliance on the big screen. This is far from their first encounter in the video game world, of course. Than Marvel The Ultimate Alliance series is over a decade old. However, this series has been dormant for years. But after several rights changes, MarvelPahlawan was united once again under the banner of Nintendo and Team Ninja to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Much has changed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and the last entry for this series. Between these two games, almost the entire game. Marvel Cinematic Universe is played. However, Ultimate Alliance 3 feels like a friendship retreat at a simpler time than superhero underground exploration, either alone or with friends. And even though this game doesn't feel as epic as the Main Alliance that started it all, it's still a great time for heroes.


Some assembly required

Talk about Marvel In a row of movies, it's easy to see the cast of characters and their designs and imagine that it draws heavily on the recent theatrical release. However, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 built on that foundation and extends at an angle greater than Marvel comic universe The story of watching the Guardian of the Galaxy after an emergency call to the Kree ship, only to discover that Ronan the Accuser actually protected one of the six Infinity Stones against Thanos' loyal henchman, the Black Order.

The Star God can restore the Space Rock, but acting in the heat of the moment, he accidentally brings the Guardian to Earth. With our planet now on the Thanos crossing line, Nick Fury quickly acted to assemble the greatest heroes in the world. Marvel Universe. Avenger? Yes, they are obvious. But Fury also reached out to several other corners of the comic line, recruiting members of X-Men, people from Inhum, users of Marvel Magic and Marvel Street level heroes.

This opened up many possibilities for storytelling, accomplishing something I did not expect. Once used to seeing these heroes gather on the big screen, he was still cold when he saw other angles Marvel The universe joined the party. Seeing Black Order stopped in its tracks by Magneto was really cool. Meeting the tortured Ghost Rider and monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone and inviting them to join the fight was fun. Looking through the perspective of the new superhero team, the Champion (Miles Morales, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Gwen), is wonderful. Unfortunately, the interaction between these characters offstage leaves something to be desired, because the player character dialogues are cookie related things, with no room for unique interactions between known characters. For example, Wolverine should be more familiar with the X-Men backstory, but he reads the same line with Cyclops as Miles Morales if you control him to chat.

This story seems to be a fairly easy battle between the best. Marvel he offered Thanos and his very strong group of accomplices. Without breaking the final part of the story, I'd say there are some unexpected stories that are planted throughout the narrative, including one in the final minutes of the game that leads to an incredible final battle.

Although the story itself is linear, there is a change in personal perspective depending on the hero you choose. Like other Ultimate Alliance games, you can tackle this with a mix of heroes. Or you can play this as an Avengers track, X-Men adventures, defense missions, or even when Sony Spider-Verse enters something they never expected. There is plenty of room for imagination with narration and I find a nice element. The downside is that not all of them are available outside the door. Although there are more than a dozen characters to start, many characters in the game are not blocked during the campaign. It was disappointing for anyone who wanted to put on Doctor Strange's cape right away. Some characters are even locked in behind various Infinity game challenges, which I'll be completing soon.

To visit Marvel Universe

One of the most difficult aspects of designing a game. Marvel Ultimate Alliance creates venues that feel different from each other. It is not only in terms of appearance, although there are many unique places like Wakanda and Shadowland. It may be too easy to make a set of stages that all feel the same, only with different backgrounds.

Ultimate Alliance 3 managed to do the different stages in various ways. Many of them are standard underground tracks and waves of enemies to defeat. But sometimes players will find some things that mix gameplay a bit. Avengers Mansion, for example, will require players to attempt to bypass Tony Stark's malfunctioning security system by navigating an invisible laser wall. Shadowland will offer a side scrolling, like settling in a dark corridor to mimic the Daredevil hall fight that has helped make Netflix a success. But the most exclusive mixes are featured in the Dark Dimension, where players must collect falling rocks, collect them, wait for close-minded people to fire laser beams at them to fill them up, and then launch them for big bangs.

The latter plays one of the Ultimate Alliance 3's greatest strengths AND that's the boss battle. There are some fair boss battles: "Hit them repeatedly until they fall." Many bosses have special patterns and tricks that require extra thought and a level of teamwork. Obviously, teamwork is much easier when there is more than one human player, and luckily, it is easy to find one with a smooth online game. This game is best when four players attack with their own attacks, their own strategies, and most importantly, their own cameras.

For antisocials, it is possible to skip alone. AI is competent for the most part, although they will be clumsy in very dense areas. But I mentioned the camera a little while ago and that's because it is easily the best villain in Ultimate Alliance 3. The camera can really trigger anger, enlarge all paths at the wrong time, or rotate undesirably. Don't corner yourself at any time during boss battles, because the camera will create an almost inevitable situation.

Danger room

Marvel        Ultimate Alliance Review 3

There are many mills in Ultimate Alliance 3, but this game makes it easy to level up by not repeatedly playing the same sequence in the story. There's a separate game mode called Infinity, which features playable scenarios and challenges for the team of heroes of your choice, though there are several challenges designed for individual heroes. This is not only a valuable space to earn experience points, but this test also offers rewards that can be used in campaigns. More Infinity challenges will be opened during the game, accessible through gaps that extend to each stage.

Some challenges can be very difficult, but finding a good challenge that sends you waves of poor enemies is a good way to practice your skills and improve your character along the way. This is very useful for your heroes who are underused, because the experience does not carry over to inactive team members. If your Spider-Man drives on the bench throughout the game, he'll be at Level 5 for a great Thanos fight, where he won't be of much use.

Another way to level up your hero is through a large skill tree, a good part that you will hardly be able to touch before finishing the game. There is also an equipment slot for the so-called ISO-8 Stat Improvement Crystal. Finding heroes to improve with ISO-8 is the easy part, but the upgrade is when things start to get too complicated. Each ISO-8 color needing its own coin and keeping everything in order can be a difficult task. One might assume that they are designed for micro transactions, but nothing can be found in the game, making many coins a weirder design option. This is not a very easy system to use and can make a more patient player idle.

End of the game

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 retain many formulas that make the best original games of their genre. It has a huge list of comic book favorites, plenty of recognizable locations, several well-designed boss battles, and intricately crafted storylines that touch all the foundations of Marvel Pantheon. What stops him from true greatness is a miserable camera and some wrong steps with the dialogue system. Beyond that, this is a nice return for one of the amazing MarvelWaralaba games. Ultimate Alliance is still the best in terms of what it does and what it does is very good.

This review is based on a Nintendo Switch The code provided by the publisher. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Now Available Nintendo Switch for $ 59.99. This game is rated T.

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