Mate 30: no GApps, the bootloader remains locked

by Kelvin
Mate 30: no GApps, the bootloader remains locked

Mate 30: no GApps, the bootloader remains locked 2

Mate 30: the entire range does not have Google Mobile Services and therefore the opportunity to exploit GApps, but this is nothing new. We have already told you how life with i could be Huawei Mobile Services instead of Google services, but we preferred not to express ourselves on the possibility of downloading them unofficially on the device after purchase.

We did not do it deliberately, because it did not seem from the beginning that the Chinese giant wanted to bring its users in that direction, completely in contrast with the efforts made to allow its services to take off even internationally. According to a statement from a spokesman for the company, received from Android Authority colleagues, it seems that our initial forecasts are correct: Huawei has no intention, at least for now, to facilitate the installation of GApps unofficially. Indeed, there is no release of the bootloader of none of the Mate 30 presented.


Mate 30: the bootloader remains locked

Huawei has no intention of facing the absence of GApps on its Mate 30, allowing it to download applications later, turning away and pretending not to see what happens. The Chinese giant has opted for a very different approach to the issue, that is pushing towards the development and diffusion of his Huawei Mobile Services.

Despite this, just after the launch of the new flagships, many users began to wonder if there was the possibility ofinstall Google services in "sideload" (so unofficially) and often someone said that it would probably have been possible to do it without too many problems, with a minimum knowledge of the Android world.

Apparently, it won't be as simple as there is a detail that cannot be overlooked: the Huawei smartphone bootloader is blocked by deafult and cannot be unlocked for more than a year now. The Chinese giant has made this decision to prevent practices modding – performed by more or less experienced users – could permanently damage the terminals.

Well, to install Google services may not need the ROOT permissions, but unlocking the bootloader is essential and Huawei was clear on the topic: there is no intention, for now, to sell any Mate 30 with unlocked bootloader or unlockable. No other information has been specified regarding the possibility of installing the GApps, but – at least for the moment – the position of the Chinese giant seems clear. The road ahead is another, certainly not the one of using Google services obtained through piracy, because technically this is what it is.

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