Mate 30 Pro: this way you get to 7680fps slow-mo

by Kelvin
Mate 30 Pro: this way you get to 7680fps slow-mo

Mate 30 Pro: this way you get to 7680fps slow-mo 2

Huawei explained how it's possible that its brand new Mate 30 Pro is able to offer a super slow motion to ben 7680fps: a function that surprised everyone at the presentation of the device.

Mate 30 Pro and 7680fps slow motion

A process that requires the use of all the main hardware components of the smartphone and is in fact made possible only by the presence of chips with a very high computing power. To be able to achieve a slow motion with such a high number of frames per second it is necessary to use in combination CPU, GPU, ISP and – of course – the processor co dedicated to theartificial intelligence. Indeed, the latter plays a fundamental role when shooting the clip.


In fact, the smartphone only records one micro video (with 720p resolution) lasting 0.12 seconds at 7680fps. After that, the same content will be brought to a duration of 32 seconds, lowering the framerate to 30 (30fps, of course). Therefore, it is essential that the micro video is recorded at the right time, otherwise the output will not be what the user hopes. However, the human eye is unlikely to grasp when it is theexact moment in which to make the clip, while artificial intelligence is In fact, it is thanks to the work of the NPU that it is possible to record the moment of interest, which will then be reworked as part of a process that – as anticipated – involves all the data processing units: to make it happen well 2GB of memory is needed RAM.

An extraordinary functionality, which cuts off all the other smartphones capable of recording super slow motion video, but with a much lower framerate.

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