Mbuynow presents a Bluetooth shower speaker

Mbuynow presents a Bluetooth shower speaker 1

Listening to music when we shower is a real pleasure for many people. AND Mbuynow It has launched Bluetooth speakers that will allow us to put music in the bathroom.

And these are really waterproof speakers, perfect to take them to the beach or the pool too.


Mbuynow waterproof speaker


This speaker has the IPX7 protocol which makes it really waterproof. Therefore, you can quietly place it in the bathroom without worrying about damage. Also, water or splashes won't make you lose a bit of sound quality.

Thus, you can listen to music quietly without having to leave the device while bathing. Apart from that, the fact that it is waterproof also makes it ideal to take it to the beach or pool.

You don't need to worry if there is ever a small splash of water.

Other benefits

This Mbuynow speaker has a strong Bluetooth 5.0 chip. This system is much more stable than the previous protocol. Therefore, the loss of connection will be much less compared to speakers that use older protocols.

The connection radius is 20 meters, so you can quietly leave your cell phone in the next room while listening to music in the bathroom. Devices without Bluetooth can be connected to the speaker using a Jack cable.

Of course, we must remember that in this case we can not put it in the bathroom.

Mbuynow presents a Bluetooth 2 shower speaker

You can also use this device as free hands for your smartphone Because of this, no more calls are missed when you are bathing or in the pool. The speaker has an internal microphone, so you can talk comfortably without a phone by your side.

This Mbuynow speaker battery can last up to a maximum of 8 an hour. Charging time is 2.5-3 an hour. Therefore, you don't always have to be vigilant to go through the plug. It has enough autonomy to spend a day away from home in peace.

Mbuynow presents a Bluetooth 3 shower speaker

Buy a Mbuynow waterproof speaker

These speakers are priced at € 14.99, and are available in gray and blue. Also, if you are a customer Amazon Prime, shipping costs are absolutely free. If you like these speakers and want to get them, you can make purchases directly from the following link:

Do you have this speaker and want to tell us what you think about it? Have you tried other Mbuynow products and want to share your opinions with our readers about the brand? We invite you to read our comments section at the bottom of the page and let us know your impression.

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