Mega deck is back, one of the craziest game modes in Clash …


There are a few days left for the first season. Real shock and boy from Supercell complete challenges and other events with Fisherman as the protagonist, before moving on to the next one. We have seen how throughout this month they have not stopped allowing more and more forms play withand this time we face each other big hammer.

The previous event was not over when we already had this on the waiting list, because this morning when I was activated. This is, as we say, a challenge. big hammer– The game mode they implemented not too long ago and was marked with the cover 18 card, where rotation plays a key role.


We must pay attention to the rotation

All of this is in accordance with the rules. the tournament: level nine for rooks and cards. And we can also make the deck we want for everything challenge. Therefore, we must pay special attention to which cards we choose and, above all, the order in which we do so; once a the letter it will be a long time in battle until we have it again available.

As always in Real shock, the first attempt will be free and once we lose the third confrontation, we will leave. Although we have the possibility come back to us payment of gems in advance or without fees if you are a Pass Royale holder. This is a challenge nine battles And the prize is pretty good.

We face challenges with good prizes

The prizes are basically monopolized by boxes various types and more gold (which seems to be a trend lately) Real shockAnd that's something we certainly appreciate.) Even with the exception of the final prize, which is the new legendary card protagonist of this campaign.

So to get to the end challenge, we will make four chests (silver, gold, lightning and epic) as well 7,000 gold coins. All this was crowned by a fishing unit, in the final battle.

The event that starts today at Real shock will be available for the rest of today and next threeso we will have a lot of time to complete it. And as we always say: good luck for all

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