Metal will get the full potential of iPhone 5S and iPad Air

by Kelvin

iOS 8 will take full advantage of the 64-bit A7 chip

One of the least mentioned releases of Apple during the last keynote was Metal, a new low-level graphical API that we knew in principle that will allow all users of the iOS 8 operating system to have much better graphics in video games. Well, now recent rumors indicate that this is precisely the key that will take full advantage of the untapped potential in 64-bit A7 chips of several of the main products of the Cupertino boys.

Metal will get the full potential of iPhone 5S and iPad Air 3

How will you improve the Metal graphics?

With the arrival of iOS 8, the experience of video game lovers is expected to change, as AppleInsider points out. And as we said, Metal is the solution you have found Apple to its need to optimize the performance of the company's 64-bit A7 chips for mobile games, which are present in some of its equipment such as the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina.


Anyway, it should be noted that Metal is not a system that has an impact directly on users, but will offer video game developers the possibility of generating much more defined graphics, through easier access to the resources of the A7 chip , and above all, for the full use of its GPU. Of course, they should forget about the Khronos OpenGL API.

From this use of the maximum potential of the A7 chips, in addition Apple would also start preparing for the arrival of the next A8 chips, and video games developed from Metal are expected to be the beginning of a new era in this segment of the entertainment industry in iOS. One that will certainly follow its rivals in the market, as we are used to.

How was the official Metal presentation?

Going back a bit to what happened a couple of weeks ago at WWDC 2014, we must say that Metal was introduced to the general public from the always interesting Craig Federighi, vice president of software engineering for Apple. There we could see a demonstration of its use thanks to the Epic Games team, with Tim Sweeney himself present there.

Beyond that particular case, where we saw the benefits of Metal interacting with the Unreal 4 graphic engine called Zen Garden, it has been announced that other engines, such as Unity and CryEngine, will also be among the beneficiaries of this new development of Apple. Returning to Zen Garden, it is expected to be available for free when iOS 8 is finally released, next fall.

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