Mexico is a leader in data centers and has done so

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In most cases only, data centers are rooms with a computer equipment, which has a capital relevance for Mexico

Mexico is a global leader in data centers, its vanguard is due to the fact that things have been done well for several years and also that there is a regulatory standard which allows to build facilities according to the needs of each organization.


This translates into billions of dollars that companies save by the operation of an effective and safe computer center, since the cost of a “fall” is very high and in the world there are several examples.

Eduardo Rocha Álvarez, one of the data center gurus internationally, one of the most recognized in Latin America, talk to the readers of High level on the relevance of what in many cases is only a room with computer equipment, but on whose operational efficiency entire companies and a part of the economy depend.

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What is a data center?

Let's start with the basics, we ask the guru what a data center, as obvious as it may seem, many people do not have this information. He answers us.

A data center is a room for the accommodation of technology equipment for data processing, storage and transfer. We can also talk about information transport. There are data centers that are dedicated only to “transport”, but do not process and do not store information, a true data center does. All the equipment in the data center must guarantee the transmission of information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

How is Mexico in the data center market with respect to the world?

We are leaders, Mexico is a leader in mega data centers, It has the best data centers in the world. Setting aside the United States region and some data centers such as those of Google and Amazon, the other data centers in the world are at par or below those in Mexico, if we talk about Latin America we are obviously up. This is something significant since the conditions were different 20 years ago.

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Mexico is a leader in data centers

What were the factors that drove Mexico to be a leader in the segment?

There was a norm that was born in Mexico; for example, Santander is approximately 18 years old as our client and thanks to that norm it is the only bank in the world that at this time its system in the country has not fallen once. The difference is the norm because everything else is the same, just like other banks; Today there is no organization that has data center governance as this institution does. The norm is what makes the difference between any computer center and a functional, efficient and effective one. But, the norm requires understanding and knowledge to be able to understand and implement it.

The norm and the ICREA are born, 20 years ago

The International Computer Room Experts Association (ICREA) body that supports this standard for building data centers unique in the world, was born as a response to a need that was currently lived in the country, the engineer Rocha explains.

At that time I was an integrator of solutions for data centers and faced the problem that the price offered to customers was too high and I did not understand why; I lowered my costs until I practically worked at cost in order to maintain my infrastructure. There I realized that there was something strange, something that I did not understand and that I could finally understand, was that they were not comparing pears with pears and apples with apples.

I knew what had to be done for a good computer center, but my technology was advanced, it had been transmitted to me years ago IBM, Then I offered, but when they called other people of course they gave them lower budgets because they didn't offer the same.

Then I made a brochure with several types of data centers, That allowed me to define the type of data center they wanted, and my clients became aware of what they needed to solve their problems. As a result they started asking me to give them away the brochure, which later became a norm.

What happens is that today many do not know what a data center is, what it entails, what it implies; Today, 20 years later, it has not been possible to transmit this information completely, so people are still not hired to build them.

Eduardo-Rocha Eduardo Rocha

That causes many resources to be invested and that it is normal to live with data centers that “fall out” every so often. Companies invest unimaginable amounts for a data center that is often not according to their needs, but there are ways to make very reliable solutions and this is how the ICREA.

Cost of the fall of a computer center

Many companies think that certifying a data center is a cost, but the penalties for a “fall” of a computer center are much higher.

For example, In the financial sector, every minute of the fall should cost around 5.6 billion dollars globally

"We have a client who, due to a human error, had a drop in his computer center for a period of 3 seconds and had to pay up to $ 1.7 billion for the damages he caused to his clients," explained Eduardo Rocha.

The problem is that if the computing center falls 3 seconds, the operability is recovered quickly, but the multiplier effect of non-operability extends to entire hours. Another example, In Mexico, the banking system as a whole can only allow a “fall” of 2.5 seconds per year, no more, that is in the regulation.

Eduardo Rocha

In Chile the fall of an important data center caused them to be lost around 5 million bank transactions. It was chaos and that was only a few seconds, this makes us think how critical the correct and continuous operation of a data center is today.

Loss of corporate image

The monetary cost for the “fall” of a data center is very high for any organization, but there are other negative effects, for example: corporate image, credibility, opportunities and much more are lost.

What is the future of data centers?

I think that the important challenge is much more speed, much more, so it is rapidly advancing the 5G technology

As a consequence the growth, which had stopped, will continue because it will open the door to everything that is smart cities, the internet of things, is a change that we will see little by little, therefore, there will be a strong dynamic in the coming 10 years. TOWhat is very associated is the advancement of technology, a data center is a facility that requires high energy consumption, but thanks to technological advances this problem has diminished; currently the 2% of global energy consumption is recorded by data centers; that is, 2% of 416 Terawatts, could be much higher but the technology decreased this cost.

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