Microsoft Build 2021 brings news from Windows, Azure and 365

by Kelvin
Microsoft Build 2021 brings news from Windows, Azure and 365

This Tuesday (25), Microsoft Build 2021, Microsoft’s annual conference for developers, begins. The company’s news can be followed from today until Thursday (27) fully online, in an event that also aims to highlight the company’s customers and demonstrate cases of tools.

The Azure platform has a great highlight at the event. The company introduced machine learning updates, improvements to Azure applications (Cloud, Data) and development tools and DevOps. Hybrid cloud and Multicloud updates are also featured, as well as Azure IoT security updates for Windows and Linux.

Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Cloud and AI Group at Microsoft, points out that developers “have never been more important to the world” in terms of the coronavirus pandemic. The executive says they “have been instrumental in helping companies across all industries and people everywhere.”


“Throughout the Microsoft Build 2021 event, many of our customers will share how they are digitally transforming and reimagining how they relate their employees and customers to the Microsoft cloud,” says Guthrie. The company should also introduce new Microsoft Cloud and Developer Tooling, he adds.

This is the second year that Microsoft has held its conference entirely online as a result of Covid-19. The conference also brings news about Microsoft 365, Windows and cloud security and identity tools.

Build 2021 can be accompanied by the event’s official page.