Microsoft doesn't work on Xbox exclusively for game streaming

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Microsoft doesn't work on Xbox exclusively for game streaming 1

In recent weeks, rumors began to spread. Microsoft I will work on a console that only focuses on streaming games. However, as part of a series of exclusive interviews with Gamespot, director of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer has rejected this information, indicating that Redmond they didn't develop a platform whose main purpose was to stream games.

This is what Phil Spencer recently stated, stating that "We are not working on an exclusive console for streaming games", but focused on developing its mobile cloud gaming platform, which is "will provide more comfort and options" in the PT sector smartphones. In the interview, Xbox executives also admitted that "Cloud gaming is a direction the industry is taking, it is inevitable." However, as shown, this does not mean that Microsoft is working on a console for streaming.

"Today we have more devices around us than we have had, be it your cell phone, Xbox or Surface Hub. The world in which all physical devices have disappeared and only what comes from the cloud remains is not the world we live in today"Button.

via: Engadget

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