Microsoft Edge Browser Adds New Features

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Microsoft Edge Browser Adds New Features

During its Build 2020, which was held remotely, Microsoft presented some new features for its Edge browser, which is based on Chromium. There are mainly functions intended for professional use, the company particularly targeting companies with its tool.

This week was to be held Build 2020, an event organized by Microsoft and intended for developers. Due to the pandemic of malaria at Covid-19, the conference was inevitably turned upside down and took the form of a digital event.

Synchronized extensions and automatic profile management

Among the presentations made, Microsoft has unveiled the new features of its web browser, Edge, developed from Chromium. And with this new version, the company seems to target businesses even more.

First, Edge will soon offer synchronization of extensions between several devices, all connected to the same Microsoft account. But IT managers will have control over this sharing, with the ability to choose what information can be synchronized or not.

Then the browser will be able to automatically switch from one profile to another. For example, if an employee works remotely, he can have two accounts on his computer: one for his personal activities and one for his professional missions. In this case, Edge will be able to detect if the site it wishes to access is in the private or professional sphere, and connect to the appropriate profile.


Easy search

Finally, the new version of the software will integrate better data protection, by applying different treatment to personal and work-related information.

In addition, other new features, presented in the video above, seem to target all users. Thus, Edge will facilitate the sharing of content on Pinterest and add a “side search” function. The latter allows you to search for the selected words via a right click, while displaying the results on the side, without opening a new page.

With this update, Microsoft certainly hopes to catch up on the web browser market. A challenge already well underway: last month, the tool became the second most popular browser in its category, behind Chrome.

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