Microsoft Efforts to Improve Gaming Services on Devices Windows

by Kelvin
Microsoft Efforts to Improve Gaming Services on Devices Windows

NESABAMEDIA.COM – Microsoft has announced their new commitment in developing gaming for PC-based devices Windows 10. Microsoft also made a new rule that will cut the commission rate for game developers, from 30 percent to only 12 percent, so developers will be able to get more revenue. Microsoft has also showcased several ‘Quality of Life’ improvements for gaming users.

Microsoft has a bad history when it comes to gaming experiences on PC devices. Even though the original plan of manufacture Windows was to make the operating system as open as possible to game development has brought it to the industry it is today, some blunders such as the Games for Windows Live, it makes Microsoft even more distance from game users.

Even now, many game users are very disappointed with the existence of the Microsoft service. But Microsoft is constantly trying to be more modern and wants to prove that they have changed and are far different from before. For example, by providing hundreds of quality game titles on the Xbox Game Pass service for PC devices at much cheaper prices, as well as a commitment to bring several game titles on their flagship Xbox to be present on Steam and other platforms.


Xbox Game Studios executive Matt Booty recently shared a blog post on Xbox Wire revealing Microsoft’s commitment to gaming on PC. Windows, and showcased some of the upcoming improvements to the content delivery system Windows.

In the upload, Booty reveals Microsoft’s efforts to revitalize their flagship classic games such as Age of Empires and Flight Simulator as well as bringing several new titles such as Wasteland 3, Minecraft Dungeon, Sea of ​​Thieves and many others to PC devices. Microsoft also discussed launching the beta version of Xbox Game Pass for the web recently.

Microsoft will also bring several improvements in Quality of Life to game users in a plan titled “Improved Install Process and Improved Download Speed”. It is believed, some of these efforts are part of Microsoft’s steps in improving their Microsoft Store content delivery system, which was previously only intended for mobile devices, rather than PCs.

However, the only thing that is most interesting from what Microsoft wants to present is the rules regarding the amount of revenue that game developers can get, if they use the services of Microsoft. Starting on August 1, game developers will get an increase in commissions to 88 percent, from the previous 70 percent without conditions.