Microsoft listens to all your conversations in Skype

by Kelvin
Microsoft listens to all your conversations in Skype

Privacy seems not to exist for technology companies. After Amazon and Google admitted that they listen to the conversations of the users of their virtual assistants, Microsoft joined the group. Through Skype, the North American company analyzes the conversations of its clients.

The news was released by the media Vice, forcing Microsoft to admit that the privacy of users of Skype It is limited. However, far from apologizing, the technology company argued that analyzes conversations with the sole purpose of "improving voice service".


This excuse is supported, according to Microsoft. It states that users of Skype they are aware that their conversations will be heard, because that wayand advanced in the “Terms and conditions” section of the program / app.

The truth is that not everyone reads the terms and conditions of the programs they install on their computers. And the few who have read this section could not be aware of the situation, since Microsoft does not specify that conversations would be heard by its employees.

The users of Cortana (the assistant that is included in Windows 10) It is also under the same situation. To improve voice service, Microsoft monitors your searches.

So puts your ear Microsoft in Skype


Before you delete the application from your mobile, or delete the program from your PC, we inform you that the listeners occur when you use the Transcripts in real time during a video call. This takes place when, for example, the translator is used to have a conversation with someone who does not understand our language.

This technology is present in Skype since 2015. Supposedly, an artificial intelligence was going to be responsible for making the pass from voice to text. As is now known, a group of Microsoft employees were responsible for doing this work. A presence that was kept hidden from the clients of the app, who surely would have preferred not to have the service.

As wielded Amazon When it was learned that Alexa, his virtual assistant, listened to the conversations, Microsoft assured Vice that it does not violate the privacy of its users. Your employees are prohibited from disclosing information about conversations.

The guarantee offered by Microsoft is not satisfactory at all. However, you can still make use of Skype and Cortana, always keeping in mind that there is a group of strangers listening to what you say.

For those who do not use Skype Because WhatsApp is the undisputed leader in your cell phone, we remind you that privacy can also be void there. It is safer to opt for applications like Telegram, which allows video calls and places a lot of importance on the privacy of its users.

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