Microsoft Surface Duo appears in public and displays a dual-screen interface

Microsoft Surface Duo appears in public and displays a dual-screen interface 1

Almost half a year has passed since the official presentation Surface duothat Microsoft folding smartphone That will be possible thanks to Android. Although no new news has emerged since then, the terminal is not uncommon. recently appeared in public so we can see how the interface works. However, it is clear that it is still in the testing phase.

The device was hunted on SkyTrain, a subway service in Vancouver, Canada. Although it would be normal to think that the Surface Duo belongs to Microsoft employees, in Limit show that variety developers already have it in their hands to test and make applications before launch It is not known, yes, if we look at the final version of the product.


In the video you can see that Surface Duo also This can work like a conventional smartphonethat is, with a single screen oriented vertically or horizontally. Until 1:35 when the owner decides to open the phone to take advantage of both panels, it is possible to choose which application will run on each side.

During a presentation last October, Microsoft said that users could use the same app on both screens, one shows the main view and the other offers additional options to increase productivity. This modality, baptized by the company as an "expanded canvas", can be activated by movement. In the last one, in the video you can see that they still have enough room to improve.

Outside of the software, Microsoft seems to have added flash to the front camera, a component that can be ideal when creating video conferences in low light conditions. More information about the Surface Duo is expected to be shared in the coming months, including all specs, pricing, and release dates. However, we anticipate that it will be an expensive product.

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