Microsoft, the apps become dark with iOS 13

by Kelvin
Microsoft, the apps become dark with iOS 13

It took time, but the news leaked now several months ago is about to become reality: the so-called "dark mode“, An option that lets you turn the interface of the images to black Microsoft app with all the related color adjustments, it will be available to all iOS and Android users within a few hours.

Microsoft, comes the Dark Mode

The novelty involves Outlook, but in reality the effort is broader: with the arrival of iOS 13, in fact, Microsoft is counting on distributing updated versions of all its apps to make the "dark mode" a universally available standard. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneDrive, To-Do, as well as the Web version of the "dark mode" will involve the entire Office package and other Redmond property across the board.


Dark Mode: the choice of colors

Although a superficial analysis may seem like many months spent developing a "dark" option for the group's apps, in reality the work would be more complex than one might imagine. This is explained by Jon Friedman on Medium, who emphasizes the qualities of a dark mode (not least: the savings in energy terms and the relative increase in device autonomy) and at the same time the non-trivial translation of the color palette from one mode to another.

According to Friedman the effort is everything in terms of design, looking for the best chromatic alignments for a painless translation, looking for ideal contrasts and saturations for a restful and efficient use of the interface.