Microsoft Tries New Ways To Improve Start Menu Windows 11

by Kelvin
Microsoft Tries New Ways To Improve Start Menu Windows 11

NESABAMEDIA.COM – Microsoft is not ready to make corrections to major design changes Windows 11, but at least they are reportedly currently testing some new ways to customize the operating system.

On Build Windows 11 latest i.e. version 22509, you will get a Start Menu that has undergone a change that will show more pinned applications, in addition to the default mode which will balance the two.

This is not a return to the Start Menu as it is in Windows 10 that many diehard fans of the OS want, and it looks like Microsoft isn’t going to give up and succumb to this. Because, Windows 11 will prioritize minimalism, and a Start Menu filled with too many apps won’t match this experience.


In addition to making changes, the Builds available in the program Windows The insider will also be bringing the Clock and Date features back to the Taskbar on additional external monitors, this is something that has previously been removed from Windows 11 for no apparent reason. Microsoft notes that this overhaul won’t look the same to all Insider users, and it’s kind of weird.

It’s a shame that Microsoft didn’t want to explore more new ways to customize and customize the Taskbar, making a loss of impression. Windows with a cleaner desktop display, which I feel makes the navigation experience more difficult compared to Windows 10.

Build Windows 11 in the new Insider will also make it easier for users to use the Microsoft Edge browser when running the Narrator feature, namely the Screen Reader or Microsoft’s default screen reader.

You will also notice that more options have been removed from the old Control Panel, which is considered obsolete and no longer in tune with the modern feel it brings. Windows 10 or 11, to a cleaner Settings app. Those options include Advanced Sharing Settings options like Network Discovery and File & Printer Sharing. You will also see more details about the printer and scanner devices in the application Windows Settings.