Microsoft will update Office for iOS with an amazing dark mode

by Kelvin
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One of the great novelties of iOS 13 and iPadOS is the dark mode, a new interface with black and gray tones We had been waiting a long time. However, the dark mode experience will not be complete until all applications have such a mode.


It seems that WhatsApp is working on it and Microsoft has announced that its apps for iOS will also incorporate this new mode. The first app that will incorporate it will be Outlook but Microsoft has announced that after the release of iOS 13, the dark mode will reach Office apps for iOS.

The dark mode of iOS 13 will reach new apps

Best of all, Microsoft can take advantage of the new features of iOS 13 dark mode to Automatically activate this new mode when you have activated the dark mode of iOS 13, so you would not have to activate it automatically, just as it happens with the applications of Apple.

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Microsoft has many applications in the App Store, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner and To-Do and according to the information all of them will be updated with a dark mode option after the release of iOS 13.

"Our design research focused specifically on these contexts where people would want to use Dark Mode, and the response was very positive. While some Dark Mode experiences may be neon or too bright, people felt that Outlook Mobile kept the kind of relaxed feeling you might want in a low-light living room or bedroom".

It's good news that companies with applications as important as Microsoft bet on the dark mode now what Apple has decided to include it in its operating systems. Hopefully more developers join and soon we will have the most adapted applications.

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