"Minecraft Earth" for Android is now available in Mexico

by Kelvin
"Minecraft Earth" for Android is now available in Mexico 1

A few months after the announcement, the first closed beta Earth Minecraft, a Microsoft augmented reality game, now available on Android. The developers announced the launch of the trial phase in five cities: Seattle, London, Stockholm and Tokyo. Mexico City.

Mojang has chosen the same place as iOS beta, released in mid-July. Those who have an invitation and live in one of these cities can download games and start walking the streets in style. Pokemon go. With this, Microsoft entered the field dominated by Niantic, but did so with a successful franchise available on almost all platforms.


Earth Minecraft is a augmented reality game that transfers experience Minecraft To the real world. The idea is create items on your smartphone and share so that other people can see it in physical space. Microsoft has combined the best of Creative and Survival modes, so you must tour the city to find resources.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYKxBKj29dI [/ embed]

An interesting component is possibility. build and collaborate with other friends. It is possible that someone else will change the part you leave in the morning and they will both share the credit. You will also find other elements of the game, such as hordes of animals and creatures, and you can defeat the common enemy to get a jackpot

Although it has similarities with Pokemon go in terms of technology, Earth Minecraft It goes in a different direction, staying true to the game's original concept. Those who are interested in trying it on Android can sign up for beta. This version has applied rubies as a currency to make in-game purchases, something that will later come to iOS.

Mojang said that for the next few weeks offering closed beta in more cities the world

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