Minecraft runs out of 4K, HDR or better lighting, there was no hardware to move it

by Kelvin
Minecraft 740x389 0

Mid 2017, during E3, Microsoft sold what has now proven to be a lot of smoke around Minecraft. It was at the conference where the company announced the future launch of the so-called "Super Duper Graphics", a pack of graphic improvements which has proved to be very demanding not only for its own Xbox One X vitamin console, but even the PC will run out of this graphics pack, although at least no one will miss it thanks to the large number of mods available to improve visual appearance.

Minecraft 740x389 0


With the "Super Duper Graphics", Mojang and Microsoft promised to bring the fashionable resolution 4K to Minecraft, the HDR, Y a new lighting and shadow system, but at the moment of truth all these additions prevented the game from running smoothly to reach any of the consoles.

If we talk about your PC version, Your destination would only be linked to top-of-the-range PCs, so the company would have decided to "cancel" the release of this patch. We say "cancel", so that sure job will be taken advantage of for a new Minecraft in 2020 coinciding with the new generation of consoles, or time to time.

"It is possible that some of you remember that we announced the Super Duper Graphics graphics package during E3 2017. Super Duper was an ambitious initiative that brought a new look to Minecraft but, unfortunately, the package proved to be too technically demanding to implement as planned.

We realize that this is disappointing for some of you: there was a lot of enthusiasm for Super Duper from inside and outside the studio, but unfortunately, we are not happy with the performance of the package on all devices. For this reason, we stop the development of the package and look for other ways for you to experience Minecraft with a new look.

Minecraft is available on a wide range of platforms, and we constantly try to take full advantage of the technical architecture of each one. We can share more on that topic very soon.

Thank you for your patience, and I'm sorry for not following our plans! "

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