Minimize all windows except the one you are using in one click

by Kelvin
свернуть все окна

In this situation, we usually need to minimize one at a time each open window on the desktop until we have the one we want to use at the time. However, thanks to one of the functions integrated in Windows 10, we can do it much faster, more conveniently and in a few minutes.

minimize all windows

We are referring to a function that many have probably already used more than once, although many others may not yet know it. Windows calls it Dock station but many people know this as Aero shaker A feature that, in addition to allowing us to minimize all open windows other than the one we want to use, offers other features, such as the ability to organize open windows on our screen so that we can have multiple windows in view and without overlapping each other. friend.


To do this, all we have to do is click on the appropriate window and drag it to one of the corners or sides our screen. We will automatically be shown a silhouette of the place where the window will be placed, and we can later resize each of them. This way, we can always have multiple windows, and we can navigate through all of them without focusing on each other.

Suddenly roll down all the windows except one

When this feature is activated on the system, the first thing we have to do in order to send all open windows to the taskbar, keep them to a minimum, is to find the application window we want to use and click on it to get attention.

Once this is done, we left-click on the window’s title bar and, without dragging, drag the window out of left to right or right to left repeatedly. Automatically, we will see how all open windows on the desktop disappear, and we are left with only what we have selected. In fact, what the rest of the windows do when minimized, they don’t close This way we can restore them at any time without any problem.

Minimize all windows except the one you are using in one click 2

Even if we repeat the same action again, select the window in which we have the focus and shake it from one side to the other, we will see how the windows that we minimized with the same gesture are shown again.

If we use a device with Windows 10 and touchscreen, we can do the same with our own finger. We touch the title bar of the window we want to use, and without releasing, we slide our finger and window from one side to the other so that the rest of the windows are minimized.

How to enable or disable this feature in Windows 10

To activate or deactivate the Aero Shake or Dock window function in Windows 10, the following steps must be followed:

  • We open Windows 10 configuration page Win + I.
  • We enter System option.
  • We choose Multitasking option.
  • V Working with multiple section windows move the switch Dock windows the ability to turn on or off depending on whether we want to activate or deactivate the function.

Windows 10

With the feature enabled, we will have the option to choose if we want the size to automatically resize when the window is docked to fill the available space, to show the snapping options next to the anchored windows and if we want the size of the adjacent docked window when the docked window is resized.