MIT scientists create by chance the blackest material to date

by Kelvin
MIT scientists create by chance the blackest material to date

MIT scientists have managed to create the blackest material to date, being ten times more black than any blacker material that has been created previously, being able to absorb more than 99.96% of incoming light.

It has been a fairly casual creation, since they were investigating ways to improve the electrical and thermal properties of electrically conductive materials by using vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (CNT).


To do this, the scientists were expanding CNT on a surface of aluminum etched with chlorine, when by surprise, the resulting color caught their attention, realizing the achievement achieved when the optical reflectance was mediated.

It is the deepest black color that could be achieved. This finding has just been explained in the magazine. ACS-Applied Materials and Interfaces, in addition to displaying the resulting material in an exhibition on the New York Stock Exchange.

Biran Wardle, the MIT scientist who led the project, believes that the resulting material could have practical implications beyond artistic implications, such as its use in optical glasses to reduce light reflections when using telescopes in searches of exoplanets in orbit.

In addition, he believes that it is still possible to create even blacker materials than he and his team of scientists have been able to achieve, until he can find the ultimate blackest material.

Until now, the material that was awarded the title of blackest material was Vantablack, belonging to Surrey NanoSystem, getting its finding working with low temperature copper nanotubes.

It is hoped that in the future materials with purer blacks can be created, although it will surely be difficult to overcome what has been discovered to date, and more if we take into account that the material created now was rather casual.

All information is available in the MIT publication.

Image credit: MIT News

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