MIUI 11 will bring call between fingers, which will allow the assistant to answer calls

by Kelvin

This new MIUI 11 “finger call” feature means that the Smartphone's voice assistant can answer calls in the form of voice to text and text to voice; although it is not certain that it is the definitive name. This information was provided by a screenshot of the MIUI interface; where the option to activate the call between fingers appears.

Without a doubt, a new way of managing your conversations; in this new MIUI function the Xiao AI virtual assistant It will take care of converting everything users write into words.


Could this new function be something unnecessary?

We might think that this new MIUI function seems unnecessary because calling someone using only writing if texts can be sent and now? The answer is that we will not always be in the same circumstances; When we answer a call, you can touch a moment where you will not be able to pronounce a word or other emergency. One of the objectives of this MIUI 11 function is that users can answer their calls even in environments where they cannot listen or speak.

MIUI 11 can allow the Xiao AI Voice Assistant to answer calls for you by means of a call between fingers

With this system, all types of calls could be made by means of writing thanks to the action of the Artificial intelligence; since it is able to execute this new MIUI function in real time, during a common call. This intelligence is capable of transcribing instantly and thus achieve a more fluid communication.


For the test reference shown in the screenshot of this new MIUI 11 function; instead of receiving the call the user only has to slide control between calls and virtual assistant converts the voice call into text messages that are displayed on the interface; In addition, Xiao AI will provide some answers to the conversation in the form of text options.

MIUI 11 will bring call between fingers, which will allow the assistant to answer calls 3

Call logs for this new feature are stored in the MIUI Laboratory for evaluations and system improvements; which caused privacy discomfort. This new MIUI 11 feature will only be available in China at the moment; It has not been reported if the Google Assistant contains this new feature; Hopefully it will happen with this new Smartphone from Xiaomi, with its capabilities and functionalities that it can incorporate.

Source: Gizmochina

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