Mixcder E9: Full-Size Foldable Headphones

by Kelvin
Mixcder E9: Full-Size Foldable Headphones

Today I suggest talking about the full-size Wireless Mixcder E9 headphones. This, of course, is far from all the advantages of the model. It is also worth mentioning that the hero of the review has a folding design, an active noise reduction system and a fairly smooth frequency response. Curious? Then let's get started.

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Headphone impedance: 32 ohms
  • Driver: 40 mm.
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 94 dB
  • Capacity: 500mAh
  • Operating time: 30 hours (24 with noise reduction)
  • Weight: 255g

Video review

Unpacking and packaging

Packaging can be said to be tasteful. Here you have an interesting texture and an image of the headphones themselves playing in the light – in general, it was really done with the mind.

A dense fabric case with a strap for fastening is hidden inside the box.

Moreover, the case is made so well that SONY itself would not be ashamed to pack its flagship headphones into it.

The model’s kit is Spartan, but the manufacturer supplied them with everything that might be needed.

Only one instruction is worth what. Then I found not two words in broken Russian from the translator, but a detailed description of the model in good Russian.

Well, of course, they put us an adapter for airplanes. Interestingly, has anyone ever used it?

Design / Ergonomics

The main thing you need to know about Mixcder E9 is that we have before us full-size closed headphones with active noise reduction. The fact that they are wireless is the second thing, and then you will see why.

On the outside the headband is covered with artificial leather.

From the inside – under it is felt a good layer of foam.

The increase in the bow occurs with clear clicks of 5 points of 5 mm each.

The cups themselves are located on a movable structure with a stroke of 90 degrees horizontally and 45 vertically.

At the same time, the headphones can also be conveniently folded for transportation, for example, in a bag.

The back of the cups is styled with vinyl.

Inside we are waiting for the same foam rubber covered with eco leather.

From the pluses: the model looks decent, gives decent passive sound insulation, comfortably fits on the head and neck, and the ears are completely placed inside. Less – after about an hour they begin to sweat.

On the left cup, the manufacturer carefully placed a 3.5 mm AUX port for connecting via wire. Power, at the same time, the headphones are not required, but for noise reduction will come in handy. And this is a really great idea: to make 100% autonomous noise reduction.

The power lever is called ANC here and has a built-in LED indication.

The bluetooth module is fully placed on the right cup. The volume control buttons, when clamped, can switch tracks. MicroUSB port is needed exclusively for charging. The LED indicates the status of the bluetooth module. The power button, moreover, answers the call and works like a pause when listening to music. Well, the microphone performs the only function possible for him, and his quality is very mediocre.

It remains to understand only one detail: where are the noise canceling microphones? And the only solution I found was in the holes on the top of the case.

Noise Reduction and Measurement

When working, the noise cutter significantly adds volume, it almost does not make noise, but noticeably changes the frequency response.

Moreover, regardless of whether headphones are used by cable or via bluetooth, the graphics with and without noise reduction are very similar.

In general, Mixcder E9 can rightly be called equal headphones, since frequency response deviations occur at a maximum of 5 dB in each direction.

Regarding directly noise reduction: it works as standard, delivering sound from microphones in antiphase. At the same time, low frequencies are suppressed decently, and medium and high frequencies are much worse. That is, the voice is heard very well, and the low-frequency rumble is almost completely absent.


With active ANC, the sound on the headphones is juicy, detailed, with enough air and space. Without ANC – the sound becomes dull and seriously loses in expressiveness.

Connecting bluetooth occurs using only the SBC codec, which greatly affects the detailing and elaboration of medium and high frequencies. Therefore, I recommend listening to headphones exclusively on cable and only with noise reduction turned on.

The bottom in this model is practically not accented. It is slightly above average in speed, depth and refinement. But for this segment, these are very good indicators, because the bass does not pile up and does not lean on the mid-range region, which Audio-Technica, SONY and many other reputable brands sin.

Mid frequencies are well developed, I would like to highlight excellent detail and overall volume separately. String, wind and various synthesized leads sound solidly here.

High, although they look very good on the graphs, however, the so-called “muffled” sound can be traced here even with the included ANC. Of course, to a much lesser extent, but still. Why a variety of percussion sounds a little blurry and significantly clamped.

According to the style in these headphones, you can listen to anything, provided that there are no high requirements for treble. The scene is located naturally, all tones are correct and recognizable. Surprisingly, with almost flat frequency response, the headphones really play juicy and musically. If you add to this excellent detail and a good separation of instruments, then you can rightfully consider the Mixcder E9 to be almost the perfect sound in its price category. Moreover, taking into account all the well-known respected brands. Personally, of course, I would also like to have cleaner RFs, but in this case the model would have put the entire segment up to $ 300 inclusive on the blades in general.


As a result, Mixcder E9 is, first of all, beautiful headphones with excellent equipment, smooth frequency response and rich detailed sound. Naturally, all these epithets are applied exclusively to a wired connection with noise reduction turned on. On bluetooth, the sound greatly spoils the SBC codec, and without noise reduction, it lacks space and expression. And, of course, noise canceling is a great help in public transport or any other crowded place. At the same time, in a completely wireless scheme, the headphones are able to play back the whole day, by cable with ANC – longer at times. In general, the Mixcder E9 surprised me a lot. Of course, they also have cons, but the pros outweigh three times.

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