Mixed transport routes reach Google Maps on iOS and Android to facilitate our travel

by Kelvin
Mixed transport routes reach Google Maps on iOS and Android to facilitate our travel

Ideally, when planning a trip is that the entire journey be given using a single means of transport. Whether bus, car or plane would be the ideal paradigm but this plan is far from real. Google is aware of this problem and that is why for a few hours has started the deployment of mixed routes on Google Maps.

That is the name of the new function that the company based in Mountain View is giving to its application and it does regardless of whether we use it on iOS or Android. Now, with this new function, the options are improved when performing in different media.


Mixed routes and shared trips

Mixed Maps

An example can be when on a trip we need, for example, the use of public transport, walking and other segments by bicycle. Now, Maps will offer more transportation options to provide us with time savings on the routes we plan.

There is no special step to access this function. We just have to add the address of our destination, click on "Directions" and the app will show all possible routes, including those that may occur using shared transport such as Uber and Lyft as well as combined trips between bicycles and public transport.

We can search for trips in shared transports such as Uber or Lyft or toggle between bicycle, car, public transport … and all this in an easy way in the same app

Also, if we choose a trip on which you can use some option like Uber or Lyft, the app will also indicate the cost, the approximate waiting time, the traffic that we will find or the next exit of the means of public transport that we should take.

If, for example, the route includes part by bicycle, Maps will show adapted routes for cyclists along with all interesting about the bike part of the trip, such as the estimated time of arrival at the destination or other information that may affect the trip.

This function will be implemented in a phased manner over the next few weeks in Google Maps for Android and iOS in 30 countries, subsequently expanding the number of markets in which it will be available. In my case, I just tested on iOS and Android and I still don't have this option available, so I have to wait.

Source | Google Blog

Share Mixed transport routes arrive on Google Maps on iOS and Android to facilitate our travel

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