Mobile rates for families from 20 euros: the new Jiayu bet

by Kelvin
Mobile rates for families from 20 euros: the new Jiayu bet

In a market with OMVs for almost all tastes, the virtual Jiayu has found in families with several mobile lines that, or already have, or do not need an internet connection at home, an unexplored land to direct their new offer of rates to differentiate more than ever from the competition.

This is Jiayu's new Family rates, which include three mobile lines with unlimited minutes and shared data to choose between 15 GB for 20 euros, 21 GB for 24 euros, 30 GB for 30 euros or 50 GB for 40 euros. The improvement is a double advantage by lowering the price of access for families and by making more efficient use of the data.


Adjusting family data consumption will be easier than hitting the best rate for individual consumption

Currently, mobile rates with unlimited minutes usually start from 10 euros so adding three lines would mean a minimum payment of 30 euros, leaving the total data between 9 and 12 GB and without the advantage that the lines that consume the most benefit of those that waste more megabytes, even if they accumulate.

In addition, Jiayu has also taken the opportunity to give another boost to their rates to a mobile line, simplifying, lowering and increasing the gigabytes, to shape a unique offer with unlimited calls and 3 GB for 10 euros, 7 GB for 15 euros or 20 GB for 19 euros. Therefore, the previous 100 and 200 minute bonuses that have become outdated disappear.

Full details of Jiayu rates

New Jiayu Rates September 2019

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