Mobile Solution for Non-Combustible Street Lights

by admin-kervin
Mobile Solution for Non-Combustible Street Lights

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has launched a new application known as 'check-send-enlighten'. Thanks to the mobile tracking application, which is downloaded free of charge to the phones, non-illuminating street lamps are intervened in a very short time.

In the past, it could take quite a long time for a faulty, non-illuminating street lamp to be repaired and restored. Because related electricity distribution company was informed late. However, with the new implementation, these problems seem to go down in history.

Energy and Natural Resources Ministryto citizens' phones free can be downloaded as lighting mobile tracking has launched a new application called. With this application, citizens can take photos of non-lighting street lamps and send them to the relevant electricity distribution company.

Citizens showed great interest in this application, which was put into service as of February. In just 6 months, approximately 167 thousand non-burning lamps were reported to the system. More than 99 percent of these reports have been successfully repaired and approximately 166,000 street lamps have been restored.

This application, which was very useful, was first made available to the muhtars, but was later made available to the citizens. With application troubleshooting within 24 hours Targeted. Looking at the performance over the 6-month period, it was seen that street lamps were repaired on average in 11 hours and it was appreciated that the repairs were done much shorter than the targeted time.


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