Modern Warfare ’will allow you to edit your weapons during the game

by Kelvin

Infinity Ward, the studio behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, has made it clear that they are listening to community comments to offer a title that meets high expectations. One of the biggest drawbacks of the saga, and that has been present since the beginning of it, is that players cannot edit your weapons during the game. Finally that will be left behind with the next installment.

The developers pretend that the player adapts to the game style of the game


The developers have confirmed that with Modern warfare it will no longer be necessary to wait for a game to end to make adjustments to the selection of weapons, as well as their respective accessories and perks. The company notes that this will allow you to adapt to the style of play and the various challenges that arise at that time, mainly in the modalities that support a great amount of players.

Recall that, for the first time in franchise history, it will be added Ground war, a massive multiplayer mode that aims to compete against the pillars of Battlefield. Currently, the tests include two teams made up of 32 players, however, Infinity Ward revealed that This mode can support more than 100 on a large map. We will have at our disposal different types of vehicles.

"For years we thought that if someone could edit their weapons during the game it would be absent, but with so many different attachments, it's fun to change things on the fly. Everyone made fun of this when we said we wanted to integrate it, but it feels great when you change quickly an accessory depending on the situation, "added Geoff Smith, head of design.

Moreover, the study promised that it will be the delivery with more content in the history of the saga, not only in its launch, but also in the free content that will be released later. Modern warfare He will dispense with the season pass to prevent the player community from being fragmented because of the DLCs. The title will be released on October 25 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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