Monument Browser, a simple and fast browser for your smartphone

by Kelvin
Aplicación Monument Browser


If you are looking forward to changing your browser on your Android terminal, or at least knowing other options beyond Google Chrome, there are different options that can be obtained and that are quite efficient. An example is Monument Browser, a development that is quite complete and that includes many options … but that has some details that it has to improve.


This is a job that has a good number of virtues. One of them is that it is completely translated So the use does not offer any difficulty and everything is very intuitive- To all this, a simple and simple user interface is attached, which is true. Curious to see how the bottom of the screen as the place where both the search bar is located and the access to the different tabs that are open (the management is similar to that of other Android browsers). Here, too, you can enter the settings of Monument Browser.

In what has to do with access to the web, there is no difficulty in doing so, since everything is usual the address is written in the bar and the address is opened. If you put a term that does not have a web page structure (such as fish or MovilZona), the results appear on the seeker which is assigned as default. Here the options are several, and go from the well-known Google or Bing to one's own that in the tests we have done does not work badly – but it must be said that in the work with images there is a lot of room for improvement in development. A good detail in this work is that the requirements for use are quite small, since in models with only 2 GB of RAM the operation and optimum in what has to do with the execution of development processes, not the navigation itself.

Monument Browser is quite fast

This is something that we have verified both with WiFi connectivity and with the data itself and it must be said that the speed with which the pages that are seen are opened is really good. The mere we have seen? The truth is that we must say no but it is in the leading positions. Compared to Chrome, we have to say that it has nothing to envy, but it must be taken into account that it offers fewer options of use such as synchronizing with the account of the Mountain View company or that does not offer an element to reduce the consumption of the rate (and, this, is not a minor detail precisely).

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What we do think is very interesting is how well the access to the different are executed sections which are essential in an internet browser. So, for example, see the list of downloads or review the bookmarks that have been saved, we believe it is the best that exists – the Speed ​​Dial tool is excellent – a side tab opens that shows the information and, the truth is, that both visualize it and the execution itself seems to us Excellent –And with a very low consumption of resources.

We don't have to stop commenting that Monument Browser includes a Dark Theme It adapts perfectly to current needs (especially with Android 10). The development does not lack the power sees the pages as if they were visited from a computer or modifying the excellent eyelash management. Therefore, the degree of customization is very high, which is always positive and, in addition, without falling into the complication of things in use.

Get Monument Browser for your phone or tablet

If you want to give this development a chance on your terminal with Android operating system, downloading it is completely free in the shops Galaxy Store and Play Store, so you won't have to regret it in the case that I can't finally convince you. To our July it is a simple and complete work, so it is not a bad idea to get hold of it and give it a try.

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