Mooverang, control your income and expenses on your iPhone

by Kelvin

Mooverang for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Controlling your personal economy is one of the most important tasks. It all comes down to a matter of income and expenses. Both you enter, you have fixed expenses and you have so much to spend. Throughout the month you make payments from the bank, you get money from the cashier, you make payments with the card. And at the end of the month, again to start. It is possible that you do not keep track of all these transactions, that you limit yourself from time to time to extract an extract from the cashier to know what you have left and what payments or income you made in the last days. If you prefer to have everything controlled, keep reading.

Mooverang is a free application developed by the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) that will allow you improve your personal economy. It is available for both iPhone and iPad and with it you will have access, automatically, to all the information of your bank accounts and your cards. You just have to download it, indicate which banks or savings banks you work with and a wide range of possibilities will open up so you can better manage your money and, in that way, save.


Mooverang, control your income and expenses on your iPhone 6

Improve your personal economy with Mooverang

After downloading the application you must log in to use it. You can use an account of Facebook, of Twitter or, if you don't use those social networks, create one from your email account. After registering you must indicate to the program with which banks or savings banks you work so that you can rescue their information. To access this information you must log in to banks and savings banks directly from Mooverang. App supports more than forty banking entities Among them are Santander, BBVA, La Caixa, Bankia, IngDirect, Triodos Bank, Uno-e and many more.

Mooverang, control your income and expenses on your iPhone 7Mooverang, control your income and expenses on your iPhone 8

If you are concerned about the security of communications, Mooverang performs all encrypted communications. This communication protocol has been guaranteed by Norton Secured and by the company S21sec, specialized in security audits for banking entities. Also, if you want to try the application before creating the account, Mooverang You have a Demo user. Use it to know what the app offers you and if it suits what you are looking for.

All the activity of your money in your timeline

After indicating which banks or savings banks you want to work with, access the Timeline to see the latest movements of your accounts. One element that you have to be clear about is that from Mooverang you cannot make transactions so it will never ask for your coordinate card or key numbers to perform operations. Each of the notes of the accounts will be included in a category (house, car, leisure …) automatically although you can manage, change or create new ones.

Whenever there is a payment or an income in your account, Mooverang will notify you so that you do not miss any transactions. As well you can add notes and photos to your notes to have everything perfectly organized. For example, you can take a photo of a restaurant ticket that you have paid by card. At the end of the month the app will generate a complete report of the movements of the month. And don't forget that you have more than 200 stores with which you can recover money of your purchases if you use Mooverang.

And also, Mooverang Evolution

Although Mooverang is free, you can use the added improvements that Mooverang Evolution offers you for a small monthly fee. This evolution of Mooverang will allow you to save up to 2,000 euros per year following the tips that the app will show you. You will know what are the most advantageous rates of the main companies of supplies for your home among which you will find gas, electricity and mobile telephony.

Mooverang Evolution will show you messages, tips and offers tailored to your profile. You can also access personalized promotions with which you will save money. Remember that The subscription is monthly. Mooverang only works optimally with Original Android (the official versions of Android) and original iOS. With altered versions of Android or jailbreakeadas (iOS) Mooverang does not guarantee that it works correctly.

Download Mooverang for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

If you do not have this application on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can install it through the direct download link, from the App Store, which you will find below.

Mooverang, control your income and expenses on your iPhone 9

Mooverang requires iOS 6.0 or later and is available in Spanish and English. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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