More Mobile renews its convergent rates with 600 Mb at a price of 100 Mb

by Kelvin

In the war between operators there is no truce even in August. Telecos face the last quarter of the year with an eye on convergent packages as it has done today MoreMobile, That will allow us enjoy 600 Mb fiber at a price of 100 Mb.

Apart from that of the price, the real battle that is being waged in these three remaining weeks of summer is that of football, a perfect hook for the new contracting of convergent rates with Internet for the home, television and mobile.


MásMóvil is unmarked from this contest by not offering a television service, but it focuses on its particular asset: the best prices in fiber and mobile. The bet that the company has launched today is aimed at promote the fiber at 600 Mb speed for 3 months.

This is the scheme of the new promotion of convergent rates:

  1. 600 Mb + mobile fiber with 10 GB and unlimited calls for 39.89 euros.
  2. 600 Mb + mobile fiber with 20 GB and unlimited calls for 43.89 euros.

Is promotion will expire three months after hiring and the prices will become 53.89 euros for the first modality and 59.89 euros for the second.

In the same way we will have offer for mobile-only lines with unlimited calls during three months. Specifically the rates MAS 10 GB and MAS 20 GB for € 19.90 (then € 23.90) and € 23.90 (then € 29.90) per month respectively.

We also have to add how the rate scheme stays if we choose 100 Mb fiber or ADSL. The following offers will be applied during the first 3 months:

  1. 100 Mb + mobile fiber with 10 GB and unlimited calls for 39.89 euros (then 43.89).
  2. 100 Mb + mobile fiber with 20 GB and unlimited calls for 43.89 euros (after 49.89).

Mobile and Google Home Mini free for back to school

The offer of smartphone offered by MásMóvil start from 0 euros. We can get a Alcatel 1S or a Nokia 2.2 totally free when contracting a convergent package MAS 10 GB or MAS 20 GB.

Under these same conditions, we can choose with a Google Home Mini smart speaker or a smarwatch for children, although if you are not convinced by these devices on the MásMóvil website we will have a broader catalog by adding a few euros.

This is the grill of offers MoreMobile to face the last months of 2019 and are already available from their website. We highlight the possibility of testing the fiber at 600 Mb for the price that is currently 100 Mb or save us a few euros for three months and try the latter.

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