More performance, Ultra-Low latency, Integer Scaling and 30-bit color

by Kelvin
Nvidia GeForce 436.02 WHQL

Already available for download Nvidia GeForce 436.02 WHQL, the new graphic controllers this morning that came under the name of Gamescom Game Ready Driver. These are very important drivers, since, in addition to a notable performance improvement in the GeForce RTX, new features are added.

We start with what we already knew, a performance improvement of up to 23 percent in the Apex Legends @ 1080p with a GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER, or almost 20% for the GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER in the Forza Horizon 4 @ 1440p.


Nvidia GeForce 436.02 WHQL

Not everything in life is raw FPS, since players also want great graphic quality with faster response times, and that is why technology is born Nvidia Ultra-Low Latency (Ultra-Low Latency), which promises to reduce latency while maintaining high frame rates and graphic quality.

This option integrated now in the Nvidia control panel It allows reduce latency by up to 33 percent, and for this the creation of frames is allowed even before the GPU needs them, instead of having the frames stored in a render queue. By advancing the frames to the GPU, latency is reduced and response time is improved. This mode is only recommended to activate when playing at a framerate set between 60 and 100 FPS, allowing to reduce latency without reducing graphic quality.

This technology is in Beta phase and is compatible with any API-based graphics and game. DirectX 9 and DirectX 11. In DirectX 12 and Vulkan, the games themselves will decide the priority / frame queue.

Nvidia Ultra-Low Latency Render queue

Another new technology is the Integer Scaling (Integer Scaling), although only exclusive with graphics with Turing microarchitecture, that is, the Nvidia GeForce RTX Series. Nvidia is ahead of Intel, which will implement this technology in its next graphic architecture.

This scaling will be the holy grail for lovers of console emulators (or lovers of Pixel Art games) with High Resolution screens, as it will allow them duplicate, triple and even quadruple existing pixels on the screen without any loss of sharpness, while avoiding the appearance of any artifact, and that is the most advanced method of escalation of its kind.

Integer Scaling

On the other side is the 30 bit color support, something that had already allowed to do in these graphics but under the Studio controllers. New optimizations for numerous games are added from its GeForce Experience application, monitor compatibility is extended G-Sync Compatible, and a new filter is added to Nvidia Freestyle (Alt + F3) called Sharpening Filter, which promises to improve the sharpness of the image.

You can download the Nvidia GeForce 436.02 WHQL since the following link or through the GeForce Experience application.

Nvidia FreeStyle with Sharpening Filter

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