More than 200 applications will not work in macOS Catalina, how to prepare for the update

by Kelvin
apps 32 bits macOS Catalina

How to know which applications will stop working in macOS Catalina

Among the novelties that will include macOS Catalina or macOS 10.15, such as those that will affect the design level, features of apps such as Mail, Maps or the expected Sidecar function that could be very useful for many users, there is also much change under the hood.


The next version of macOS will end 32-bit application support. This means that any application that has not made the leap to 64-bit architecture will not work. And believe what we tell you, there are many and some very important.

For example, Quicktime 7 will no longer be usable. It is true that Quicktime X or the Compressor app is already there, but there are still users who use this version for their daily video compression jobs, etc. However, we must evolve and move on.

macOS Mojave apps 64 bits

The big question, how to know which applications will no longer be compatible with macOS Catalina. Well, in the current macOS Mojave version, the system issues a warning when a 32-bit application is running. You may have seen them or not, but they appear. However, if you want to check which of your apps are still 32 bits, the process is very simple.

  1. Click on the apple logo, located in the Finder menu bar, and then click About this Mac.
  2. In the window that opens click on System Report.
  3. Then, in the window that appears look for the Applications section in the Software section.
  4. In the last columns you will see one that indicates 64 bits (Intel).

apps 32 bits macOS Catalina

In this column you will see which applications are already 64-bit and which are not. Those that are not in macOS Catalina should know that they will stop working. Therefore, if they are vital in your day to day you will have two options: contact the developer to find out whether or not you plan to launch an update, or directly look for a substitute.

All of the above as long as you plan to upgrade to macOS Catalina. If on the contrary you are not going to do what you do not have thought that it happens in the short term, calm. During the time you decide to continue using macOS Mojave you can also use your apps normally and receive all the security and performance updates that Apple apply to macOS version 10.14 until 2021.

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However, if you want to squeeze the improvements in the dark mode, Sidecar and many more functions that will come with Catalina you have no choice but to get ahead and prepare the ground.

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