Motorola bets, with the One Action, for a 21: 9 format action camera

by Kelvin
Motorola bets, with the One Action, for a 21: 9 format action camera

The Motorola One Action arrives, a team apparently similar to others already available, but with a fundamental difference that can attract a very specific niche of consumers: a GoPro-style action camera.

This camera, located in the rear sensor column, only captures video. Specifically, it does so in Full HD resolution, with a wide-angle lens that barely generates distortion and with a 21: 9 format – even more panoramic than usual.

The manufacturer ensures that this camera captures a maximum of 117 degrees and that its stabilization system – electronic, not mechanical – offers better results in adverse environments than conventional mechanical systems that other manufacturers integrate into their mobile phones.


Motorola insists that This sensor is capable of capturing a lot of light in adverse light conditions. For this it makes use of technology pixel binning, which combines four adjacent pixels into one of larger size (2 microns) and, therefore, able to capture more information.

On the other hand, and unlike the usual methodology, it is not necessary to rotate the phone 90 degrees for the video to be horizontal. That is, the video is recorded in panoramic format even if the phone is held vertically. This has an explanation, according to Motorola: facilitates the grip of the device in these extreme conditions in which the action camera is expected to be used.

Motorola bets, with the One Action, for a 21: 9 format action camera 4Motorola is part of the manufacturers that have joined the fashion of bored screen As a solution for the front camera.

Beyond his peculiar camera, the Motorola One Action bets on a perforated screen of 21: 9 format, 6.3 inches in size and Full HD resolution. In the hand it is somewhat higher than that of other conventional equipment, closely resembling phones like the Xperia 1 in that regard.

Inside, an Exynos 9609 is hidden, similar to that of the Galaxy A50, 4 GB of RAM and UFS 2.1 storage of 128 GB capacity. This memory can be expanded using microSD cards up to 512 GB.

It reaches the market in a single version of 128 GB for 279 euros.

The battery has a capacity of 3,500 mAh and can be recharged through a fast charging system of up to 15W. In the box, yes, the manufacturer only includes a 10 W adapter – in addition to a USB-C cable and a transparent case.

The main camera has a resolution of 12 Megapixels and is accompanied by an aperture objective f / 1.8. This is supported by a second 5 Megapixel resolution sensor whose only function is to capture depth in shooting modes such as portrait.

Motorola bets, with the One Action, for a 21: 9 format action camera 5Motorola bets, with the One Action, for a 21: 9 format action camera 6Oriented to users who want to go further with the cameras of their team betting on the ultra wide angler in a new format.

On the side of software, the One Action bet on Android One, the Google program that forces manufacturers to frequently update devices, keep the interface mostly intact and preserve phone security for several years.

The Motorola One Action It will be available in Spain from the last week of August. Its price in Europe It will be 279 euros.

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