Motorola Edge +: superior to a more affordable price?

by Kelvin
Motorola Edge +

When the Motorola RAZR became official, it seemed that other devices no longer existed. Not because there are lower bets from Motorola. The point is that everyone really does see new folds. So much so that nobody cares about other devices. However, there is a lot of good news on the way. One of them promises to be the best and it's called Motorola Edge +.

Motorola Edge +: superior to a more affordable price?


As revealed by Evan Blass And reported by the famous GSMArena website, the smartphone we see in the image above could be the next top of the Motorola line.

We have a very common design. That is, the relatively thin top and side frames, slightly thicker bottom frame, and holes in the screen that will continue to be a big trend for 2020 in the upper left corner. However, what is special is the addition of a ballpoint pen. Of course, this will make this device a competitor in the product range. Galaxy Note from samsung

However, there is something we must consider. Admittedly, there are plenty of leaks saying that this smartphone will be the best in its ranks. The design doesn't seem to be pointing in this direction. It even looks like a medium distance with a pen. At the name level, Edge + seems to want to show that we have curved displays or special technology around the edges. However, it is not possible to see this in the representation.

Motorola Edge +: superior to a more affordable price? 2

Regardless of design, the Motorola Edge + can be an economical pillar. Strong chipset, not very modern design and pencil holder. It could even become the new competitor Note Samsung Lite 10. A device that is equipped with Samsung Exynos 9810 that, although very good, is far from the performance that can be achieved with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.

Note        10 Lite

Seeing all this, it seems that the market will be hot, at least in this segment. We talked about Nokia 9.2 recently, which may also be superior in features and at a slightly lower price.

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