Motorola One Action was announced with a camera feature that has never before …

Motorola One Action was announced with a camera feature that has never before ... 1

Motorola smartphones They tend to be budget champions, but many of them also come with weird and weird features, and now the company has completed the launch of the Motorola One Action.

Motorola One Action, the latest mobile in One Line after Motorola One Vision, comes with various features from its predecessor, such as the 6.3-inch 21: 9 screen and the 'punch' front camera, but there are also new features, and a great new addition providing a cell phone name.


This feature is ‘Action Cam’, one of the three One Action cameras. This is a camera that allows you to record in 4K quality with a 117-degree field of view, and most interestingly, it can play videos at about 90 degrees, so you can hold the phone vertically when shooting movies horizontally.

Recording videos this way sounds like a new experience, and we'll make sure to give it a full try when we have our device.

The other two cameras are the main 12MP snapper and the 5MP depth sensor. Because the Action Cam has an ultra wide-angle lens, you can probably use it in place of a special wide-angle rear camera.

Motorola One Action: Other Features

Motorola One Action runs on the Exynos 9609 chipset, and although the Exynos processor is designed by Samsung and is generally provided for Galaxy smartphones, Motorola One phones have used it before.

The battery size 3,500 mAh, and this device supports 10W fast charge; the specs aren't too surprising, but they're suitable for smartphones on a budget. There's also a 3.5mm headphone jack, which shows the status of an affordable cell phone.

In terms of memory, One Action has 4GB of RAM, and will be able to load 128GB of your files and media, although there is expandable storage if that's not enough.

You can pick up the phone right away in the UK, and it will get you to refund £ 219 (around $ 265, AU $ 390), so this is definitely an affordable cell phone, but it's a bit too expensive to be part of our grouping of the best cheap phones. No news about US release dates or prices. USA Or Australia, but we will update it if we find something.

If you're interested in this phone, we've briefly tested it, so check out our Motorola One Action Live Review to find out how we found it.

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