Motorola prepares to re-launch a premium smartphone with 5G

by Kelvin
Motorola prepares to re-launch a premium smartphone with 5G

It cannot be said that the last years of Motorola have been the best that this company has lived. Throughout this decade it has undergone several changes of hands, it has gone from being a Google company to be operating under the tutelage of Lenovo. In this period of time he has tried to survive by conquering mid-range users with devices such as Motorola G7 Plus.

Despite throwing smartphones that in some cases could shine in some aspects does not have a device considered as premium … and this seems that it could change soon. The latest rumors suggest that the company would be preparing the arrival of a new smartphone with premium features among which 5G connectivity would be.


At the moment there are not many details about it, but today we will try to shed some light on the few data that are known.

Motorola could say that it is on the verge of another change in its marketing strategy and line of smartphones. The lines Moto G Y Moto One They came to light a while ago and have had time to conquer many users. The company's last real flagship was launched more than two years ago, since the Moto Z3 It cannot be considered with a real flagship.

But this does not mean that the manufacturer has decided to leave the segment of the smartphones high end Francoise LaFlamme, Motorola Global Marketing Strategy Manager, said the company is preparing to launch a premium 5G phone.

So far, there is virtually no information on the next device, except that LaFlam said that this new Motorola smartphone will not be cheap, something that is understandable.

We can assume that Motorola will abandon the modularity seen in one of its terminals or at least transform it, since the company has exceeded its promise regarding the support of the module system. At present we have witnessed some modularity in the creation of gaming components (the controls or controls for smartphones gaming we have seen). But except for these cases, few users are willing to buy additional modules when they will change terminals in 1 or 2 years.

Source: CNet

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