Motorola Releases Stunning Photos Taken Using Edge and Edge+

by Kelvin
Motorola Releases Stunning Photos Taken Using Edge and Edge+

Last Wednesday (22), Motorola unveiled the smartphones Edge and Edge+, their new flagships. In addition to the processor and battery, the devices are also distinguished by the set of cameras.

Both have three sensors on the rear, an ultrawide 16 MP and an 8 MP telephoto shared between the two, with the difference that the Plus zoom is 3x, while the standard version is limited to 2x. However, the Motorola Edge+ comes with a 108 MP main sensor, while the Edge has a 64 MP version.

During the release of the new smartphones, the manufacturer also shared some photos captured with the devices’ cameras to give a glimpse of what consumers can expect.


Of course, the photos officially released are amazing, after all the idea is to show the full potential of the lenses. But we don’t know what level of effort was used to capture the images, or if they had the help of extra equipment.

Huawei, for example, has already been caught in the act releasing photos taken with a DSLR in the promotion of its smartphones. Therefore, we can only have an official verdict when we get our hands on the devices and do our own tests. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the promotional images:

Motorola Edge+

Motorola Edge

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